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Tradeshare empowers its users to negotiate their own loans using their cryptocurrency portfolio as collateral, without an intermediary. To do so, Tradeshare leverages the Polygon Blockchain to provide on-chain loan transactions, in an online marketplace forum. 

Legal Disclaimer

Tradeshare does not provide loans, facilitate loans or involve itself in the lending process. All loans are negotiated and originated between users. All loan terms are governed by Smart Contracts that act out the agreed upon terms by the users.

Mock images of the centralized exchange, only for participating users only. Certain restrictions apply.

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As an international Company, Tradeshare’s Centralized Exchange gives access to almost all Countries to utilize the exchange. Rather than creating a wallet, saving and exporting your private keys, Tradeshare’s exchange requires only your email, password and a quick and easy KYC/AML process for security. 

What is Tradeshare?

Tradeshare is a revolutionary technology company that is creating the first true peer-to-peer lending protocol, a decentralized application (dApp) which will empower its users to negotiate their own loans using cryptocurrency as collateral—without an intermediary. 

The main innovations envisioned as part of the Tradeshare protocol include:

Business Segments of Tradeshare


Borrowers initiate a Loan Request by setting their desired terms and can either purchase a TRDEPASS for free transactions for life or pay the platform fee at origination. All loans are governed by decentralized smart contracts or contracts written in code, so no intermediary required. A Borrower leverages their assets as collateral. If a holder requires a broker (Usury), these fees will be passed directly to the parties to decide who pays the fees. 


Sign up for an account, complete the quick and easy verification process (KYC), and fund your account using the fiat on-ramp to utilize Tradeshare’s lending protocol to either borrow or lend against an asset class that best suit their risk tolerance. 
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Lenders will soon gain access to scroll the marketplace for loans they are interested in either accepting or countering. To fund the loan, a Lender can on-ramp their fiat into a secure stable coin like USDC. For lenders who are in need of added security or seek a higher rate, Tradeshare will partner with licensed brokers and escrow services to ensure all transactions do not violate local, state or federal laws, when applicable.

Open an account now and enjoy all the benefits of modern banking, without the bank!

Tradeshare is not a bank, it does not provide loans, nor is it in the business of facilitating loans. Instead, Tradeshare developed a platform for Borrowers and Lenders to come together and negotiate their own terms in a simple, yet intuitive marketplace.

Why Tradeshare?

Because you facilitate, govern and own your loan process, not us. Users are free to interact with the platform on their own accord. This autonomy provides the users with the freedom to make their own decisions. As the platform evolves, users will be able to tokenize more and more assets to secure them as collateral. Tradeshare is always building for the user. Which is why we are cultivating vital integrations to ensure the user experience is easy, secure, safe, transparent and compliant with local regulations. We will work with insurance companies to provide further confidence in the underlying collateral, escrow services for larger transactions and brokers to ensure users  comply with usury laws. 


A user needs to understand the “value” of one’s items, prior to tokenization and lending. Once the value of an item can be appraised, it can be leveraged by the owner. Giving the lender an estimate of owner’s collateral to determine their risk tolerance. 


The act of tokenization represents the idea of creating a digital representation of a particular item. Once that item is appraised, it can be tokenized and the asset can be leveraged by the owner on a global scale. 


Once tokenized, an asset can be leveraged as collateral for a loan. Lending requires an understanding of “risk”. Risk allows lenders to identify their full exposure to a loan by providing them a value in the event of a default. 


Since Tradeshare empowers users to negotiate amongst peers, the Marketplace brings borrowers and lenders together to find the assets that best fits their risk tolerance. Welcome to the future of self-custody banking. 

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