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Tradeshare uses smart contracts and blockchain technology to bring enhanced transparency and reliability to the credit and the lending process. The Platform enables connections between Lenders and Borrowers located anywhere globally, regardless of currency.

To freely trade, one must be free to make their own choices and decide for themselves what risks they are willing to take. Rather than dinging your your credit score in an attempt to apply for a bank loan (you inevitably will not get), build a cryptocurrency portfolio and put your assets to work. Start your journey towards financial freedom and join the F3Society today!
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By developing a platform that empowers its users to negotiate their own loans, the User finally has a product offering built for them and not the institutions. We believe people are eager to understand crypto, we’re excited to help you learn, grow and become financially free.


The Borrower initiates their Loan Request by simply filling out the form and either purchasing a TRDEpass or paying a 1% fee at the time of origination in TRDE tokens. A TRDEpass will allow the Borrower to leverage their assets as collateral, without paying the 1% fee in TRDE Tokens.


Sign up for an account, complete our quick and easy verification process (KYC), and fund your account using the fiat on-ramp, stable coins, or existing tokens. Review our Vault selections to choose a rate you want to earn, confirm your option, transfer and start earning interest in seconds!


Lenders scroll the marketplace for loans they are interested in either accepting or countering. To fund the loan, a Lender can convert their fiat into a secure stable coin like USDC. Since the Borrower uses TRDE to power the protocol, a smart contract will facilitate the loan upon acceptance of the terms.


Tradeshare will empower its users to negotiate their own loans using cryptocurrency as collateral, without an intermediary. As the dApp evolves, we will integrate the use of tokenized real world assets (Real Estate, Stocks, Cars, Collectibles & More) to allow the end-user to leverage anything of value as collateral, without an intermediary charging endless brokerage costs and management fees.

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Lending Protocol

Coming Soon...

A user will have the ability to purchase a TRDEPASS to authenticate the Tradeshare dApp to use to offset the protocol fees. If a user does not hold a TRDEPASS, a platform fee of 1% of the underlying loan amount will be due in TRDE at the time of origination. This fee will help power the ecosystem and be used to incentivize the participants on both sides of the loan to protect user behavior. IF TRDE’s value is increased due to demand for protocol use and there is a lack of supply of the TRDEPASSES (minted at a 1:1,000 or 1% user ratio), the HOPE, is that the 1% protocol fee paid by the borrowers transactional cost per loan is decreased for all token holders as the 1% fee remains the same for users.


Solid variety of choices:

We will start by trying to use USDC as the stable coin used by the Lenders to issue their own loans. This will provide for a much easier lending protocol for all involved. Our goal is to accept as many cryptocurrencies, tokens and NFTs as we can as collateral. Our first priority is to finalize a secure protocol to ensure customer security. 

What does Tradeshare Consist of:

Tradeshare consists of the “Exchange”, a KYC centralized & regulated international crypto exchange, where we have partnered with NEXUS to provide our users with a Tradeshare dashboard to easily trade, hold and yield earnings.  We are in the development phase of building the “protocol”, a decentralized application or “dApp”, which will provide our users with a secure platform to lend and leverage ones’ cryptocurrencies, tokens and NFTs to get the funding they need today, without selling your assets or risking auto-liquidations. 

Extremely simple user interface:

Explore the powerful Centralized Exchange for an extremely simple user experience, without the stress of controlling or safe keeping your assets. 

Tired of centralization?

Tradeshare is developing a decentralized protocol dApp (a fancy word for an app that does not have any central control or governance) to provide a better lending process for both sides. 


The discord is where you will find all of our updates and exciting plans for the future. Stay connected to ensure you do not miss any updates, releases or exclusive content drops!

"Lending today, without sacrificing tomorrow"

More to come soon...

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"Lending today, without sacrificing tomorrow"

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