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Compliant, Know-Your-Customer protocols are set in place to ensure all customers are who they claim to be, to ensure the utmost protection for all users on the exchange.

This intuitive, yet simple exchange, was built to make crypto easy. Whether it's on-ramping fiat, exchanging tokens or earning interest in the vault, you can rest knowing the Tradeshare Exchange has your back.

Tradeshare's exchange provides immediate access to updated industry news and real-time market data.


A powerful, secure new way to trade and exchange your digital assets. Introducing, the Tradeshare Exchange!

Join via the Tradeshare Exchange and have immediate access to a secure custodial wallet and trusted partner Nexus to help manage your assets and funds

As a Tradeshare user, you will have access to all Nexus exchange listings we do.

Place your assets inside the Vault and earn industry high yields, without having to lock in a time limit. Earn on your time, not ours.

Ready to grow your opportunities?

Join the Discord to know when the FFF Society NFT Collection will be released. Each NFT in the FFF Society represents a TRDEPASS.

Each TRDEPASS gives the holder access to the Tradeshare Marketplace to either borrow or lend against a secured asset for free.

Without a TRDEPASS, Borrowers initiate a loan on the protocol by paying a 1% fee at origination.

"Lending Today, Without Sacrificing Tomorrow"


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